Spring 2023 - Volume 48, No. 3

Spring 2023 looks ahead to the Phoenix Convention, from tributes to the four awardees to session previews, including further remembrances of beloved colleagues and insightful how-tos. It also shares insight on the importance of lifelong learning, as well as wisdom from our committees, the members of which look at the importance of lifelong learning and the impact of diet on chronic pain and offer tips on better serving neurodiverse musicians. There’s also a chat with indigenous flutist and storyteller Paul Chiyokten Wagner and a call to be more expansive when thinking about repertoire. And as always, there is news from our community, reviews, and much more.


Winter 2023 - Volume 48, No. 2

Meet some of the LGBTQ+ NFA members who have spearheaded initiatives, learn more about Chinese flute music, one flutist’s lifelong journey of interpreting music in performance, Q&As with two composers commissioned by the NFA, reports from two C.R.E.A.T.E. recipients and a Frances Blaisdell Competition winner, regular articles from committees, and much more!


Fall 2022 - Volume 48, No. 1

The Fall 2022 issue features photos and thoughts from the 50th Anniversary Convention in August, two remembrances of Doriot Anthony Dwyer, multiple nuts-and-bolt pieces, a primer on Ukrainian music, Q&As, news, reviews, and more.


Summer 2022 - Volume 47, No. 4

Jacqueline Cordova-Arrington talks to three other flutists about “The Joy in Waiting.” In advance of the 50th Anniversary Convention in Chicago, we look at the many exciting events, celebrate the Golden Anniversary Award recipients, share a few NFA member memories, and highlight some more of the NFA commissions. Katherine Saenger and Robert Dick look into the science behind the Pitch of the Plonk. Erik Nugent and Robert Bigio give us a closer look at the instrument that inspired flute maker Verne Q. Powell’s famous Spoon Flute. And much more!


Spring 2022 - Volume 47, No. 3

The Spring 2022 issue celebrates the NFA’s incredible tradition of commissioning with a look at what it’s done so far, as well as Q&As with three of the commissioned composers whose works are premiering at the NFA’s 2022 convention: Jennifer Higdon, Thea Musgrave, and Julia Wolfe. Additionally, there are tributes to the convention’s special honorees, Nancy Clew, Fritz Kraber, and Ransom Wilson; a deep-dive into a George Crumb trio; tips on a career in chamber music; pondering empathy; info on participating in a special oral history project; and more.


Winter 2022 - Volume 47, No. 2

In this issue: NFA’s amazing scholarship programs, Piazzolla, Paganini, the historic flutes of the Sigal Museum, composer Daniel Cueto, supporting first-generation college students, why performance anxiety is a misnomer, the C.R.E.A.T.E. Competition winners, graphic notation, the latest on the 50th Anniversary Convention, and more.


Fall 2021 - Volume 47, No. 1

This issue features José Pablo Moncayo’s Amatzinac, Lowell Liebermann, the importance of discussing and dissecting health in the music industry, dealing with the COVID lockdown, how to better serve students from diverse backgrounds, and much more.

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